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Denmark = Danmark = Tribe of Dan! This [1880] Rare book focuses on the Tribe of Dan’s early enterprises & their settlements & connections with the Scythians. Traces the Danaans or Danes of Scandinavia, Ireland & Scotland back to the Tribe of Dan. The Tribe of Dan by its enterprise & vigour has made itself one of the most conspicuous branches of Jacob’s family. Its ancestor was the son of one of the concubines and was the firstborn of Rachel’s household. “God has judged me” said Rachel & she called his name “Dan” which means to judge to rule; and this word perhaps on that occasion first started as a surname has been perpetuated as a title in the Gothic Anglo-Saxon & English. In these languages Din Dun Don & Dan signify ruler master. The expression is repeatedly used by Shakespeare Spenser Chauser Prior & others. The Spanish too from close contact for ages with the Hebrew has engrafted it in their title of Don; it is in use in the universities to designate a professor or university official. How often do we see in the Bible that the name of an individual foreshadows the character and career. Dan’s name given by Rachel implies authority, vigour & Jacob when bestowing his blessings (Gen. 49:16) repeats & confirms it: “Dan shall judge his people” said the venerable patriarch & proceeded to name other characteristics implying great wisdom & astuteness. The serpent is the scriptural symbol of wisdom (Gen. 3:1; Matt. 10:16) : In dealing with foes his plans would be laid with wisdom & secrecy & his action would be unlooked for & rapid. Thus begins the opening chapter of this 1880 reprint of the Tribe of Dan’s early enterprises & their settlements & connections with the Scythians. The Danaans or Danes of Scandinavia, Ireland, & Scotland are traced back to the Tribe of Dan. Colonel Gawler shows the connection between the Danai of Greece and the Danites of Israel and tells why he believes Dan was not sealed among the 144,000 in the Book of Revelation.

Written by J.C. Gawler