Did Our Lord Visit Britain – As They Say In Cornwall & Somerset


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The authors previous editions of this work present the theme that our Lord not only visited Britain when a boy in the care of Joseph of Arimathea but later when a man came and resided for some time at Glastonbury immediately prior to the beginning of His Ministry at the age of 30 during which visit He preached there contacted the Druids and sowed the seed of a future Christian Church there.

Mr. Dobson states that the great interest aroused by the previous editions seemed to impel him to undertake a deeper research into certain resultant questions which arise from the theme.

First there was the mystery existing in the two strange titles that from the earliest times have attached to the Ecclesiastical foundation of Glastonbury “Secretum Domini” and “Domus Dei.”

Secondly it seemed essential to examine what can be gleaned about the early life of Jesus prior to His ministry with a view to ascertaining how the visits could have come about and how far they fitted in with what is otherwise known of His early life.

Thirdly to examine the all-important question: Was there a motive in His visiting Britain and actually ministering there without revealing His identity as the future Savior of the World? In doing so did He effect the Divine program for the Christian age about to begin?

The author admits that at first he regarded the old Tradition that Our Lord visited Britain as a boy or young man as nothing more than invented legend devoid of any possibility of truth but bearing in mind the fact that legends and traditions generally spring from a basis of truth he came to inquire more closely into the question and was startled to find that perhaps far more lay behind it than met the eye.