Page CD’s (For Advancement to the Rank of Page)


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Dear Klansman or Klanswoman,
Page is the first step to Knighthood and full associate status.

Listen to each of the three CD’s included in this set. You should then write a two page report on each message.

This should include a summary of the contents, what you have learned from the message and any comments or opinions that you may have about the subject. A report is to be made for each. Each report is to be a minimum of two pages. If submitting reports to HQ in writing please write clearly or they may be returned. You can also e-mail your reports to us at

The reports will be reviewed by the HQ at which time you will have achieved the level of Page. After you have achieved the level of Page, you will be placed on six months probation. What this means is that no person can sign up and immediately gain full associate status. It will take a minimum of six months to become a Knight as we want the best.