Strange Parallel


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Strange Indeed – but true! The dying Jacob’s blessing to his son Zebulun foretells what would befall his future descendants. Many Scripture passages indicate that the Zebulun people are found today in the Netherlands. “Some years ago I happened to overhear a conversation that mentioned a film that purported to identify the Netherlands with one of the so-called Ten Lost Tribes of Israel that disappeared in Assyrian captivity. The film had been produced by a Dutch family living in Glastonbury England. I immediately went to Glastonbury where I met a fellow researcher in a subject I had been studying for many years. What a thrill to meet Helene Koppejan whose painstaking research I found contributed so much to my understanding of the Dutch people. Helene had not only produced a film on the strange parallel between the Netherlands and ZEBULUN a tribe of Israel but also a book on the same subject. I had wondered in the past about the possibility of the Dutch being of Zebulun because of Jacob’s blessing on Zebulun. These prophetic blessings made reference to ships and the Dutch were one of the greatest maritime nations of modern history. After viewing the film Strange Parallel I was firmly convinced the Dutch were predominantly of the tribe of Zebulun. Helene shared my desire that her work be made available to the people of the United States many of whom are of Dutch descent and graciously gave me permission to publish this American edition of her book “Strange Parallel.”- E. Raymond Capt 2012 Paperback 96 pages