The Rapture of the Saints


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The author disagrees with those waiting for “The Rapture” to happen and by combining the historical record of its beginning and growth with a proper understanding of the Scriptures shows where they are mistaken. Reverend McDougall, of Scotland, gives the Jesuit (Catholic) origin of the false “rapture” doctrine. He covers a great deal of ground within a small number of pages as he enlightens the reader with documented support explaining the origin and purpose behind the invention of the “secret rapture” theory. He shows how the general acceptance of this false theory has had a negative effect on Christianity, and consequently, society in general. This is a controversial book, to say the least, not only because of the nature of the subject, but because of Reverend McDougall’s relentless attack on Roman Catholicism and his severe criticism of several Christian groups that have been caught up in the “rapture” phenomenon. Nevertheless, when dealing with his primary subject . . . the “secret rapture” of the saints, he has provided an abundance of documentation that completely supports his argument. The author adds to the value of his narrative by giving a synopsis of important past events such as The Oxford Movement, The Brethern Movement, The Tractarian Movement, and the principal characters of each, and how those movements accepted and embraced the rapture theory.