The Tender Twig


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The story of The Tender Twig* is unique and moving in its significance and in its appeal. It is the touching romance of Princess Tamar Teah Tephi and Prince Eochaidh beginning in the dim past of Biblical days having a surprising Cinderella motif set against a gripping backdrop of history and reaching a climax at Tara in Ireland. It tells far more than a historic love story of the East and the West.

The story is informative and inspiring in its human interest and dramatic appeal. Its action begins in B.C. 586. Its epilogue and a separate supplement tie into national and international history and current events previewing the Promised Kingdom.

Herein are pictured indirectly the five life-phases: birth growth ripening fruitage and harvest of which history is the account. The narrative and epilogue deal with laughter and grief hopes and fears; and use common items that have meaning because of their mission — a stone a throne a scarlet thread an evening star a twig a talisman a pyramid pillars banners seals genealogies a chest a covenant a compact; and last but not least a crown!